Oh the colors!

Yesterday I finally organized a bird feeder in my yard.  I had thought I needed a carpenter, but in the end I wedged a piece of bamboo in the tree, and then went scouting around the yard for bananas, oranges, and  papaya. And look who all came!  They were all here at once, hanging off the lianas and the bromeliads, three at once sideways off the metal thingy that sticks out of the ground here for no reason I know of.  First, a flock of golden tanagers, with a color like turmeric, then the blue-gray tanager who is often here, some yellow-rumped tanagers, some more yellows of all colors, then this red headed woodpecker with the striped black and white vest..  I didn’t accomplish anything at all yesterday unless being in awe of the beauty, and wildly happy counts.

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